Ways To Master Fiber internet near me Without Breaking A Sweat

So how come Fiber Internet you have the market how come on – you’re not angry at them and how come you’re not stealing from them the others down on low those losses we always be know yeah um so I thought we getting it ended we have to discover old and grow these people I use those for money yeah but you know what money doesn’t create money doesn’t create factories.

Money does it create anything unless you build it okay there’s other ways to make money instead of stealing you don’t have to go to still you got plenty of resources you got plenty you got plenty of resources in Nigeria where you can create a good life instead of stealing from others and I know and the last thing we have and you know what I don’t know you know what I know your people were sold into slavery a few centuries ago so the people who are still.

In from our slave owners they didn’t do anything they’re not slave owners they’re they don’t know anything about slaves so you’re taken from them and they didn’t and guess what a lot of people that you’re taking some or African-Americans they’re black so you’re doing from a lot of black people that are on Craigslist so how do you justify that absolutely nice you know like you don’t you fuck this is leaving yes unknown so we don’t have to pick anything so.

Equal gimme why am i complaining why would I want to lose my laptop you ask me why I’m complaining why why would I want to get rid of my laptop for free that’s what I’m complaining if I’m complaining because it would take me a half a month salary working in order to pay for our top and you don’t want to pay for you just want to steal it and you’re asking me why my complainant watch.

It will blow these up why should I pick you exactly we listen but you got to the other I’m not going to be going as a forehead you gotta I’m losing that thing if you were you it’s working on a gun it’s worse you know it no I’m not faulting you yes son I’m not competing to show me a lot of you know what I’m saying mm if you put a gun in my head you might get bucks from.