Open The Gates For Los Angeles Personal Injury

I think this is a great time to talk about this wrongful termination that we can so let’s talk about a couple things that you can do to protect yourself and first though let’s talk about a couple things that are the reality with the law in Michigan so the first thing is that unless you’re a member of a union uh.

You could be terminated with or without cause for any reason as long as it’s not discriminatory meaning you can’t be terminated if you’re a woman or if you’re black or if you’re gay you can’t those Los Angeles Personal Injury are reasons that you can’t be terminated for me but you can be terminated for anything else so how do you protect yourself in these kinds of situations the best way is that if.

You’re if you’re concerned that you might be terminated are you concerned that there might be an issue coming up in the future make sure that your boss does reviews of you regularly and write it so you can go back and say I don’t understand why I’m getting fired here I’m getting good reviews I’m doing well at my job that is the only way to protect yourself in these kinds of situations because unfortunately the way.

It’s worked is the unions have been so weakened in this state and the laws have been so weakened in this country that you can be fired for almost any reason and people don’t know that and it’s a really big #Twitter problem but again if you think that you’ve had this kind of situation occur and you want to be referred to an attorney who can help you give us a call one eight hundred trusted that’s TR you st ed love it so I I do have a question I’ll you know Jordan in the time seems to go by really really.