The Quinton isotopic That Wins Customers

Welcome everybody this is map monarch with the raw food world calm and don’t ask me how we did this but we are offering King tone and candy central for as low as twenty seven sixty two each and many people have been asking my hangouts lately.

why is how is my hair so thick and long and why is my skin looking so good all the time well this is one of the most absorb able mineral products on the market and in conjunction with that organ Oscillate co-product that I’m always talking about I make sure to take this also for my beauty minerals are the communicators between cells they activate enzymes which help produce collagen which is important for our hair our skin our nails it actually helps produce protein in the human body unfortunately.

Today’s day and age there’s no RDA required daily allowance on minerals and the soils in the United States and many other countries are depleted of these important nutrients but the beauty of these this king tone and key essential product is it’s extremely absorb able mainly because they’re organic minerals now the way it works is in the ocean Quinton isotonic there’s these naturally occurring vortexes where marine life congregate zooplankton marine zooplankton and whales come in and feed off of this.

Marine life and what happens in order to create this product zooplankton consume marine zooplankton along with the ocean water and the ocean water consists of elements such as inorganic matter inorganic minerals and once the zooplankton takes the ocean water with the marine zooplankton through its digestive system it filters it cleans it and converts the inorganic matter into organic minerals into trace elements and percent of these minerals are being absorbed so the zooplankton secretes a saline solution.

which is actually this product right here and in the saline solution not only does it have the ocean water making and all the minerals the human body needs but it also adds and omega fatty acids to the mixture and under a microscope this saline solution this plasma this.